Aaron, Michigan

March 22, 2013

14 year old

Were you ever scared of something happening during the time you served for Israel?
Where are most soldiers based in Israel? Are they put near the border or in cities?
Did you guys (during you served) get to do much outside of the army? Like play sports hang out with friends? Did you get any breaks?
Hi Aaron, nice to meet you!

First of all thank you for contacting me. Are you from Michigan? I never had been there before, but I heard that is a beautiful place, so maybe in an opportunity I will visit you there.

About your first question, I don’t remember any time that I was scared during my service in the Navy, but I remember that during the “Cast Lead Operation” in 2008 I was afraid of receiving a bad notice about somebody that I know had been killed or injured by a rocket lanced from Gaza while I was in the ship trying to defend them. In the same time I lived in Ashdod, that was one of the cities attacked by rockets from Hamas, and my best friends also lived there. Actually I remember that one rocket fall very close to my home, even I wasn’t at home, I though that if I was there it could be fatal.

Israel isn’t a big country, so the border is not so big like in USA. We have limit with 4 countries, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and also with Palestine (Gaza, Ramallah that is not recognize as a country) and the maritime boundary (where I was). We need to protect Israel 24 hours per day in the border with these countries; some are more problematic than others, so we have more soldiers in the problematic borders. It is curious that we have more soldiers in the cities than in the borders, but the best soldiers are in the borders.

I really liked you last question. Actually these days I was talking with my friends (most of them from the army) and remembering the wonderful period of our service in the army. In the beginning you almost have no free time but after one year more or less, when you become a sergeant, almost every weekend you are at home. Comparing with today, 2 years after I released the army, I can tell you that the time that I had great time, hanging out with my friends, having fun, parties and practicing sports, was during the service in the Army. Certainly today I also spend time with my friends, but much less, because the studies, the job, not always the friends have breaks at same time that I have. Resuming, until today, I think that until today, the period of the service in the Army was the most beautiful in my life, even with the hard and difficult times.

I supposed that is strange to hear that it sounds so beautiful serving in the army, certainly I had hard times, but in total it was an amazing and unforgettable experience. And for me it is a privilege serving in the IDF, because I don’t think that you can compare with any army else in the world.



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