Anonymous, Australia

April 20, 2013

About me – i was born in Israel, and moved to Australia when i was 7. at the moment, i am 17 completing school. and i am weighing up whether to go into the IDF
Question 1 – Basically i was wondering how it is? worth it? and what sort of stuff did you as a tank driver soldier
Question 2 – also, im not the biggest nor stronger, does that matter?


People have very mixed feelings about their time in the army. It can be very difficult at time but very rewarding at others. Looking back on my time I have no regrets and would do it all over again. I met incredible people and they are are still my closest mates and we will be forever. My service was the most influential period of my life. I learnt many, many things about Israel, life, responsibility and volunteering just to name a few. I recommend it.

Being in the Armoured Corps (the tanks) you are also a part time infantry soldier, too. You learn about the tank and how to operate (drive, shoot, load, etc…) it, but you also learn how to be a foot soldier, because the minute you are outside of a tank you’re an infantry man. As a tank driver you need to have strong legs to push the brakes, aside from that you don’t need to be so strong. If you need to lift something heavy there is always someone there to help you. As long as you have a strong mind you will be fine. It’s better to have a strong will in the army as opposed to a strong body, coz everyone suffers physically no matter who you are.

Hope that helps and feel free to ask if you have any more questions,


About me – hey its me again 😀
Question 1 – Hey David, really appreciate you getting back to me. its a really good initiative this website, so keep it up :) ive attached a copy of the mail at the bottom Do you get to pick which ‘brigade’ you want to be in? or do they automatically pick it for you depending on skills, fitness, level etc;; Would you mind if i ask you a bit about your background? were you from Israel? or did you move from abroad? Thanks,

Hi again,

I think the system has changed a bit since I was there, but I think you can choose your brigade now if you go with a friend, or you can choose to stay together. The brigades aren’t divided by skill/fitness, it’s random.
I grew up in Australia, too.


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