Cam, Australia

June 1, 2013

Cam Jennings

Australian single male 53, married divorced the whole catastrophe. Articulate, intelligent and emotionally mature and stable. Believe in others before self and that life is an amazing adventure. I work these days in Africa & the Middle East with Humanitarian & Conflict Issues. I look forward to our professional and genuine friendship here.

How can I better understand the role that you have in the Israeli Military, and what you do for national security ?

What Israel is really like ? I have never visited and would like to know?

Dear Cam,

Thank you for writing. Every soldier’s role in the Israeli army differentiates. There are many positions that soldiers hold, each with its own goal to defend Israel. Both women and mean enlist to the army at the age of 18 with a goal to defend Israel. Men serve for 3 years and women serve for 2 years. I specifically was a combat fitness instructor, and my role was to train soldiers to be in combat shape.

Israel is an amazing country filled with loving, warm and caring people. Israel as opposed to many other nations throughout the world is a place where each and every individual matters. Even outside of the army the parties and the hangouts and everywhere you go you wind up seeing the same people, it is really a place where everyone knows everyone else and you are immediately welcome and treated as part of the extended family anywhere you go. The experience of living in Israel and adapting to the Israeli culture is fun and exciting. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and everywhere I go people I don’t even know invite me over for meals!

Thanks for writing.


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Thank you!

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