Yehuda, New York

June 1, 2013

Hi. I made aliyah to the West Bank from New York like a year and a half ago.
My first question is about the profile that you have when you take a test thats out of 97.
 How much would i lose for being Celiac, slightly green and red defficient, and wearing glasses but just to see the board in class?
 See the thing is that im very athletic and fit and i want to join an infantry brigade and not be security at some checkpoint.

Hello Yehuda! Thank you for  writing :)
I think those who have celiac disease are exempt from military service, not for the reason of lack of qualifications, but because of the inability of the army to deal with special needs, but you can always volunteer I think,

Glasses do not harm military profile, to my knowledge

All I’m saying is only general information, not necessarily accurate, only a military doctor can answer these questions

The fact that you did aliya and your desire to serve at the forefront of the military, deserve a lot of appreciation.

Even if you will not be able to serve as a fighter, consider having a variety of roles and army special units which can contribute equally or even more

I wish you lots of success and fun, well done! :)

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Thank you!

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