Kris, Ireland

July 5, 2013

About me – I am a relatively newly ordained Rabbi and a law professor. I am very interested in learning about what it is like to be in the IDF. Married, one daughter and a native NY’er and rabid NY Yankee fan. And love futbol
Question 1 – What are your thoughts about mandatory military service. We don’t have that in the US.
Question 2 – Do you think that there is a way for Jew and Palestinian to leave the rhetoric of hate behind , stop the violence and find some common ground?
Question 3 – If there was one thing you could do to bring peace, what would it be?

Hi Kris,

Sorry for the late reply. I was on reserve duty.

I am in favour of mandatory service, whether it be in the military or in some social program. I don’t have facts to back this up, but, I don’t think that Israel could support or survive with a purely professional defense force. I don’t think that enough people would a voluntarily serve.

In regards to your second question I think there is a solution on a national/political level. On the ground, however, I cannot see the rhetoric of hate being left behind in exchange for one of peace and prosperity. There are communities on both sides of the conflict that hate is so ingrained that I don’t see any hope for change. Maybe if a general peace was achieved and there was a large period of quiet and prosperity people might change their minds about each other.

One thing to do to bring peace? That’s a tricky one. I would transport everyone away to a beach in the Caribbean for a week of summer fun and beach sports and ice breakers, live concerts, buffet dinners (kosher and halal of course) and play time with cute fluffy animal. Bring everyone back home and start a dialogue on the right foot. If things got heated they could always look back to their amazing holiday together…

That’s the best I’ve got.

Have a good weekend.


Thank you!

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