Meet Our Soldiers

Interviews and Commentary 

Friend-a-Soldier is proud to serve as a platform for discharged IDF soldiers to make their voices heard.

FaS Co-Founder Daniel interviews on Al Jazeera to comment on the IDF’s use of non-lethal riot control methods in the West Bank

For this reason, we provide journalists with a diverse group of knowledgeable, multi-lingual group of men and women who are willing to share their experiences serving in the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as their own opinions on hot topics.

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Dialogue Panels and Question and Answer Sessions

Friend-a-Soldier is eager to provide delegations of any background visiting Israel with an opportunity to connect Israeli citizens and engage them in discussion about any and all topics regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, or life in Israel.

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Thank you!

We would like to thank our generous donors for their support of the project over the past years.