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Cam Jennings, Australia

Name – Cam Jennings About me – Single straight Australian male working in Conflict Analysis & Management & Sustainable development in the Middle East & Africa. I think life is an amazing adventure. What is Israel like to live in today ? What role do Israel women play in conflict resolution in the Middle East […]

June 7, 2013

Anonymous, USA

Thanks for your time! i have a friend who is planning on doing the November giyus and he is planning on serving for 3 years (as such he would finish the army around november time). however, his school year (when he decides to start school) starts in august meaning he would miss the first couple […]

May 21, 2013

Anonymous, USA

About me – Hello David!! I’m an art student.This my second year at the art school. Do you like art,if so what style of art do you like? My of my days are spent in the art studio painting,and drawing. Question 1 – Where in Israel do you live? Do you have a snail mail […]

April 24, 2013

Uma, UK

About me – Politics and International relations student Question 1 – Hello there, I am currently writing my dissertation on the effects of the military occupation on Palestinian and Israeli children but am finding it hard to get an insightful Israeli perspective. I would appreciate your views, experience and relationship with children during your time […]

April 15, 2013

Anonymous, USA

Question 1 – I am an american Jew, in Israel for the first time. I’ve been here about two weeks. In that time, I’ve felt more comfortable here than anywhere else. I am seriously thinking about making aliyah. Any suggestions for acclimating to a new life in Israel? Hi there, Good to hear you feel […]

January 19, 2013


 abdel rhman  Im 23 Law School graduate My favorite hobby boxing Single Any country you love thee America or Israel and why؟ Why not join the U.S. team in gymnastics ؟ When you get undergraduate degree in business Do you join the military or complete your career with yourself Dear Abdel,   I love and […]

January 9, 2013

Diane, Switzerland

Hello David, I hope you will received this message, not like the others you did not receive. Computer are sometimes strange…when it works, it’s wonderful but when computer doesn’t work, you just want to put them through the window ! I will tell you a little about myself. I live in Switzerland, in the city […]

August 12, 2012

Yann, Switzerland

I’m speak french. I’m from Switzerland. I love Israel and Israelites. Be bless. What’s happend with Syria ? Did you found peace in your mind ? It’s possible to live this and stay in shalom ? Hi Yann, I am sorry that it took me a short while to get back to you, I am […]

July 13, 2012

Ron, Germany

I´m a writer from Berlijn. What might you think about the real perspectives of democracy and stabile peace in Middle- East region? In which country of the world/ which city would you like to live? Dear Ron, Thank you very much for your letter. I’ve been writing year-end exams, still am, so regrets for the […]

June 27, 2012

Rachel, Ethiopia

Hi, Im an ethiopian girl who will be serving the IDF soon, in about a year. What kind of jobs are there which are non-combat and i can get into with strong english language skills and poor hebrew skills? What is the average of working hours a day? Do we get holidays? and if not, […]

June 17, 2012

Karim, Algeria

Men simple. whate you do and like? are you married? i’am arabe this is a probleme? Dear Karim, Thank you for you note. I believe simple is beautiful. I don’t like complications. I don’t have a problem with you being an Arab as such. If it’s not a problem for you why should it be […]

June 2, 2012

Michael, USA

Shalom Hamutal, I am a semi-retired teacher of art. I am Jewish on my father’s side and therefore cannot make aliyah.. I LOVE Israel and her people and long to live there one day. I am praying always for the shalom of Yerushalyim! Like you I love the arts, especially clay. I have worked wit […]

May 20, 2012

Susan, USA

Hi, I am a Christian who loves Israel. I am a former school teacher as well but I currently work in a hospital. The recession has hit us hard in the US. If you are a religious person how do you view the current situation in Israel? In light of biblical prophecy what do you […]

May 15, 2012

Angel, USA

I am a Christian Pastor who loves Israel and prays for Jerusalem. I like to listen to music (Mostly gospel, Latin and classical music!) I, also, like to watch old comedy classics on You tube. I might be doing aliyah to Israel because I may have some Jewish roots in my family line. Tell me, […]

May 12, 2012

Simone, Netherlands

Hi Josh, I’d like to know if you’re single. You’re very hot! If you are single, can we go on a date when i visit Israel:)? Hi Simone, Thank you so much for your compliment, it’s really flattering. I’m sorry to say that I do have a girlfriend, so we probably shouldn’t go out together […]

May 11, 2012

Serene, Canada

I’m a Jordanian of Palestinian origin. (In short I’m Palestinian) I have a displaced identity. I am currently studying documentary media in Toronto, and before that I worked in video production. Do you ever feel bad for the Palestinians? For their daily reality that is created and maintained by IDF soldiers? If not, how do […]

May 5, 2012

Tara, United States

I also like reading and want to go to Israel someday. 😀  What is life like in the army on a day-to-day basis? How often can you visit your family? What made you want to join the army? What was your best/worst experience in the army? Dear Tara, Regretfully I was not able to respond to […]

April 22, 2012

Rachid, Morocco

My name is Rachid from morocco 26 years old. I am mechanical of airplane, and stading civil engineering. Did u never has been in morocco? How is life in isreal ? Specialy military? Thank you to be a friends Dear Rachid, Thank you for your letter. Though I have not yet had the good fortune […]

April 21, 2012

Hisham, Jordan

I really don’t know how to start this, well I found a link on facebook, nice advertising btw, and I said what the hell , lets try this, I have nothing to lose, I truly believe that not all people are the same, and I can’t judge an entire country or religion because of a […]

April 17, 2012

Joanne, Malaysia

I am a working wife and mother in my late forties. I have 3 kids, the eldest in their early twenties and the youngest boy in primary school. I have never known anyone in the military. This will be the first time. What is life like in Israel and how do you feel when you […]

April 16, 2012
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